Under Shelf Wrap Holder Rack


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Under Shelf Wrap Holder Rack

Make use of the vacant space in your kitchen cabinets or pantry with this convenient under shelf rack. This rack slides easily under an existing shelf to quickly create more storage space. It’s also made of durable wire coated steel construction to ensure long-lasting use. You can use this rack to store boxes of foil, plastic wrap and sandwich bags. It’s also great for organizing canned goods, kitchen towels, coffee mugs and small dishes. You could even use this rack in your bedroom closet to store clothing accessories, in your linen closet to accommodate hand towels or under your office desk to hold papers, envelopes and other office supplies.


Easily slides under an existing shelf
Durable wire coated steel construction
Makes use of vacant space


13 .5" D x 12 .5" W x 5 .125" H

Manufacturer: Organize It All / Neu Home

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