Shoe Storage

Clear plastic shoe boxes are a good storage solution for keeping shoes organized. A clear plastic shoe box allows you to easily find the pair you’re looking for without fail. A plastic shoebox is much more durable and versatile and easy-to-use than the old cardboard shoe box you get in the store. With this type of plastic shoe storage you can quickly slide these clear plastic shoe boxes in and out to grab the shoes you need. Use stackable shoe boxes to take advantage of the unused space high on a shelf in the closet. These clear plastic shoe boxes don’t just have to be used for shoes. It’s common for clear shoe storage boxes take on a variety of uses. Medicine bottles, small kids toys, crayons, tools, and craft supplies all fit well into a clear shoe box. Save when you order case packs of these clear plastic shoe boxes.

Do you have tons of shoes but keep finding them on the floor? Clear plastic shoe boxes are an easy solution for quickly tossing shoes in and storing them until the next time you wear them. Using plastic shoe storage boxes can make the difference in how organized your space is. A small plastic shoebox is a good option for closet shelves but hard plastic underbed shoe storage boxes take advantage of the space under your bed if you don't have room in the closet.

These clear plastic shoe boxes are quite popular with charity organizations around the world. Samaritan’s Purse fundraiser, Operation Christmas Child, ask those involved to send shoe boxes filled with necessities to other parts of the world. Of course, not all organizations choose a plastic shoebox to send the items but the added benefit of giving these individuals in other countries a clear shoe box means they can store and transport water and food more easily as well. A cardboard shoebox won’t be as useful to these groups as clear plastic shoe boxes with lids are.

Don’t limit these clear plastic shoe boxes to just use. The incredibly functional plastic shoebox can also be home to any smaller items. You can also use these clear shoe storage boxes to hold smaller items inside a larger storage container if you want to keep things neat and sorted. For a slick and pretty solution, tape a colorful label to the inside of a clear shoe box to label it with its intended purpose. Labeling all of the clear shoe storage boxes makes clean up a breeze for kids or people who aren’t familiar with how a room is organized. Every room of your home or office has some small items that would be better suited in one of these clear plastic shoe boxes.