Airtight Storage

Airtight storage boxes prevent items stored inside from water damage. Watertight storage containers work well in a moist basement or in a humid attic where items may become damp over time. These airtight storage boxes each have a foam strip in the lid which prevents moisture from getting it. The latching lids work to suction the lid onto the air tight container, to secure the lid to the top of the airtight storage boxes. You can choose to use airtight plastic containers for precious files, clothes, family photos, kids collectibles, or any item that you wish to preserve. You can also get extra piece of mind knowing that items in your basement or garage are inside watertight storage containers which will protect them from the elements. Depending on the number you need, we can help you find just the right airtight storage boxes.

Watertight storage containers, also commonly referred to as airtight plastic containers, keep contents dry in the box. Airtight storage bins are a way to ensure items are safe whether there’s a flood, leaky attic, or an extra humid summer in the garage. Many people think because they have items stored in plastic containers it means those items are safe. That’s not necessarily the case. Watertight storage boxes are different from your average, off-the-shelf plastic container. These airtight storage bins are design specifically to stand up against water. The foam in the lid of airtight plastic containers is the key difference they possess. 

Going camping? Watertight storage bins can be helpful in the event you get caught in the rain. They can also help keep out the critters by locking the enticing smells of food inside. All of our storage containers are BPA-free and these airtight storage bins are no different. As such, you can even use these airtight storage boxes for food if that’s what you need. And added bonus of airtight storage bins is that they keep the critters and bugs out. They are unable to penetrate the lid on airtight plastic containers. 

Use airtight storage containers for clothes that are out of season. Large airtight storage containers are handy for dog food as well. Clear airtight storage bins also give you an extra advantage of being able to find the items you’ve store quickly. Indoor and outdoor watertight storage containers like these can come in handy in many situations like camping or large family picnics. Airtight plastic storage containers will surely become a part of your regular storage boxes.