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Sterilite Storage Containers

Sterilite storage containers have been the leading plastic bins and totes for 70+ years. Sterilite containers, bins, and totes come in many shapes, sizes, and features. You might like clear Sterilite storage boxes to use in a room where you might have several storage bins and need to be able to see inside each easily. On the other hand, the opaque or lapis Sterilite totes are great for hiding away a mess of things you need to keep but don’t want to look at. Use Sterilite storage boxes in your closet, basement, or garage. Many customers find Sterilite storage bins work well to organize and office. An added bonus to these Sterilite storage containers is all of them are stackable with other Sterilite totes from the same line. For example, the Sterilite totes with latching lids are all made to fit together easily. Buy bulk cases for the best prices on Sterilite containers wholesale.

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More About Sterilite Storage Containers
Depending on the number of Sterilite plastic containers and Sterilite bins you need, our site is designed to help you save when you’re looking for multiple Sterilite containers. Wholesale case packs pass the savings along to our customers. Who wouldn’t want to save money on these Sterilite storage bins?

Sterilite plastic containers made of Polypropylene plastic with the exception of the Ultra latch totes which are made from polyethylene. All Sterilite storage containers are made with the safest materials. No PVC's, Latex, Teflon, polycarbonates, Phthalates chemicals, bisphenol A (BPA), or antibacterial chemicals are used in the Sterilite plastic boxes manufacturing process. Being BPA-free means Sterilite plastic containers are safe to store kid toys or even food.

Sterilite storage bins are some of our best sellers which is why buying Sterilite containers wholesale can save the most. The economical Sterilite plastic containers are highly functional. Sterilite plastic containers come with lids that can be mixed and matched from the same series and other Sterilite containers wholesale packs. If you have a set of Sterilite totes, you’ll find that the lids have a molded plastic design that allows the bins and boxes to be stackable. Whether the Sterilite bins you’re looking for are the popular 6 qt shoebox to store shoes or smaller items or the Sterilite plastic footlocker, we can help you find the right size Sterilite containers. The Sterilite drawers are also quite popular storage and organization items.